Australian Super Cotton

Premium farming from nature’s hands.

Producers of long staple cotton:

According to the ICAC LS, Australian Super Cotton is the only Australian producer of long staple cotton. This high quality variety lasts longer, feels luxurious and stands the test of time.

Fully traceable - from dirt to shirt:

Did you know all of our cotton bales are barcoded? That’s right -regardless of where you find Australian Super Cotton in the supply chain, you’ll be able to find out the exact part of the farm iit came from!

Ethically produced & processed:

Australian Super Cotton prides itself on sustainable and regenerative farming practices. ASC is home to a carbon positive farming system and is EcoBiz certified.

Welcome to Australian Super Cotton.

Grown under the most innovative and progressive regenerative farming practices, Australian Super Cotton is Australia’s only remaining producer of high-quality and durable long staple cotton, trusted by world renowned luxury brands and stocked by retailers worldwide.
With a focus on quality and affordability, our transparent relationships from farm to consumer have allowed us to push the boundaries of sustainable cotton production. Offering delivery at different points in the supply chain, our ethically-engineering product is delivered with full HVI (classing) data, offering an absolutely transparent approach to the new generation of cotton production.

As third generation farmers, Australian Super Cotton is only committed to sustainable and ethical practices for the land and our clients.

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Family comes first - and you are a part of the ASC family.

Did you know that Australian Super Cotton is owned and operated by third generation family farmers in rural Queensland?

Rogan Pastoral Company have been developing farming land in St George, Queensland since 1976, and have remained Australia’s only dedicated grower of long staple cotton since its inception in 2007.

Learn more about the Rogan family & the Australian Super Cotton story.

Here’s what others have to say

“Every garment that we make has to be high quality and made from sustainably produced fibres. Australian Super Cotton was the perfect fit for Farm to Hanger.”
Anna-Louise, Farm to Hanger
“I showed the specs to my cotton colleagues in Gujarat, India, and their first reaction was ‘impossible.”
International Cotton Merchant

Our passion is producing high quality, sustainable cotton that supports the regeneration of Australian farms.

Will you follow us on our journey?