Premium farming from nature’s hands.

At Australian Super Cotton, our mission is to grow luxurious, long staple cotton produced under sustainable and regenerative farming practices.

Full traceability from dirt to shirt:

You can track where your contamination-free Australian Super Cotton products are harvested from - pretty amazing, right?

EcoBiz certified:

We’re committed to saving waste, water and energy, so we’ve received an EcoBiz certification to make sure everyone knows it.

Full HVI Data & growing practices:

At Australian Super Cotton, we are happy to bare it all. So, you will receive complete access to our full HVI (classing) data. We also share what our growing practices are including water, chemicals and yield.

Australian Super Cotton, otherwise known as Rogan Pastoral Company, have been farming for three generations in St George, south-west Queensland.

In 2007, the Rogan family became Australia’s only remaining dedicated grower of Australian long staple (ALS) cotton, and have forged the path for innovative, ethical agricultural practices ever since.

Our story

Developing their family property, ‘Benelong’, since 1973, first generation farmers Graeme Rogan and his wife, Robyn journeyed from Walgett on horseback, droving cattle and sheep.

Eventually, the family transitioned into cotton amidst the development of the St George irrigation area. Since the Rogan family’s move into cotton and certainly, long staple cotton, Australian Super Cotton has positioned itself as an industry leader in sustainable, eco-friendly and regenerative cotton production. As a household name amongst those in the cotton industry, Australian Super Cotton became the face of iconic Australian towel brand, Dri. Glo in 2012, resulting in them achieving the 2013 Australian Cotton Industry High Achiever of the Year Award.
Australian Supper Cotton on Full FIbres T-Shirts rack

Since then, Australian Super Cotton has become a producer of high-end, luxurious long-staple cotton for countless household brands.

A durable and flexible material, Australian Super Cotton has been known to be the thread for anything from lingerie, high end fashion and homewares. Similarly, it is of the highest importance to the Rogan family that cotton can be purchased at any stage of the supply chain, dealing directly with the grower.

Australian Super Cotton strongly supports research, development and innovation in the agriculture sector, collaborating with peak body industries across the globe to ensure best practice.

For three generations, the Rogan family has endorsed the development of their natural assets to aid in the advancement and understanding of biotechnology, soil health, water usage and product diversity.

With more than forty years’ spent developing the sustainable, ethically-produced and processed Australian Super Cotton that is stocked across the world today, this boutique yet scalable product is a carbon positive step in the right direction for cotton in Australia.

Yours in farming,
The Rogan Family

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