Australian Super Cotton is used by luxury brands, the world over.

High-end brands depend on Australian Super Cotton to supply ethically produced, soft and durable cotton that will stand the test of time for their premier materials.

Our contamination-free, traceable and ethical cotton is sturdy enough to offer a completely versatile product, having developed anything from lingerie to homewares.

Will you be next to enjoy Australian Super Cotton?

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re incredibly fortunate to have our products worn and sold all over the world by renowned retailers, however, for your convenience you can purchase ASC at various points in the supply chain. We offer ASC as raw ginned cotton, carded cotton, ring spun yarn, and woven and knitted fabrics through Full Circle Fabrics. Please see the list of brands that use Australian Super Cotton here.

We love to say that you can trace all of our products, from dirt to shirt. All of our bales of cotton are barcoded, and can be traced back to the exact part of the farm they were harvested from!