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Frequently Asked Questions

In short – no. We don’t market our cotton as 100% organic, however we incorporate many organic practices such as organic fertiliser, soft chemicals and increased water efficiency practices to operate a restorative farming system. Alongside this, we are home to many native animals, extensive birdlife, bee hives and beneficial insects, as well as an endangered marsupial, the Dunart, as a part of Australia Zoo’s breeding program. By rotating our fields and implementing crop rotations, we increase our soil fertility and create high soil health.
Yes! We have, and unfortunately, it wasn’t sustainable in our systems. Organic cotton requires significantly more water, tillage and energy at ginning season, so our carbon footprint would be higher than a restorative farming system, with a lower quality cotton output. Our approach is to produce high quality cotton while still maintaining sustainable farming practices.
Water is our most precious and expensive resource, so we use it wisely. When we irrigate, we recycle water, conduct on-farm trials for further water efficiency, and use soil moisture probes to help us know the optimal time to water. Alongside this, we don’t add water into our fibre until the dying stage, adding to our water efficient process.
We love to say that you can trace all of our products, from dirt to shirt. All of our bales of cotton are barcoded, and can be traced back to the exact part of the farm they were harvested from!

We’re incredibly fortunate to have our products stocked and worn by renowned retailers all over the world, however, for your convenience you can purchase ASC at various points in the supply chain. We offer ASC as raw ginned cotton, carded cotton, ring spun yarn, and woven and knitted fabrics through Full Circle Fabrics. If you’d like to purchase products containing our fibre, please visit our brands here.

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