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At Australian Super Cotton, our mission is to deliver luxurious, long staple cotton produced under the highest level of sustainable and regenerative farming practices.


Because you shouldn’t have to choose between sustainability and luxury.

At Australian Super Cotton, our family has spent three generations developing an EcoBiz-certified farming operation that produces long staple cotton, adored by retailers the world over. Able to be accessed at all levels of the supply chain, our cotton has undergone every level of media scrutiny, moving from strength to strength each year – even winning the 2013 Australian Cotton Industry High Achiever of the Year Award.

So, what makes our cotton different from the rest?

Staple length: Minimum 1 ¼ inch (32mm)

Strength: Minimum 32.5gpt (grams per text)

Micronaire: 3.8-4

Maturity ratio: Minimum 0.9

Fineness: 140-170mtex

Length uniformity: Minimum 84

Let us explain.

Australian Super Cotton is certainly different. Based on research done by the CSIRO* on our fibre and our own on-farm, spinning and textile production trials, our sustainable and regenerative farming practices produce a stronger, finer and longer fibre that creates a higher quality end product compared with other upland cottons. Operating on a carbon positive farm, Australian Super Cotton only produces contamination-free fibres grown under environmentally sound practices, using approximately seven times* less water than the average cotton producer.

With an emphasis on quality, science and technology, our regenerative farming practices have been developed over three generations to nurture the land, implement industry best management practices, and produce the most luxurious long staple cotton in Australia.

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Where our cotton goes

We make it our mission to allow access at every point of the supply chain – from dirt, to shirt. A durable, luxury fibre, our sustainably engineered cotton is in high demand by Australian retailers across varying industries including fashion and homewares.

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